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Field Trialing in France Spring Trials 2017

I traveled back to France when Atos was just under 2 years old to give it another try with better results.  I traveled alone this time, but had a wonderful trip. I was able to handle Atos in four trials during this trip.

Field Trialing in France 2017  

     The conditions for my first day of trials in Caulieres very tough with cold wind and rain. Atos was dyhydrated and not himself in the run but did point a rooster which does not count in spring trials in France as we are searching for partridge. To make up fo his lack luster performance he finished his run by jumping in a flooded pool of cow manure and rehydrated himself with its ingestion. Judge M. Marcel Peyrat and apprentice judge M. Alain Leforestier welcomed me to apprentice with them when our run was complete.

     My second day of trials sponsored by Club Braque Saint Germain in Tincque France was once more cold wind and rain. But from Atos' standpoint it was perfect with exceptionational scenting conditions. Many dogs were eliminated this day due to the high numbers of hare. Judge M. Pierre Avellan awarded Atos  3rd Execellent classification that day in spite of the many handling errors I made. Atos did perfect, but I did not trust his point and tried to get him to move which he did not do thank goodness.

     The third day of trials sponsored by Club Francais du Braqu Allemand was also in Tincque, France under the judgement of Jean-Francois Baude. I was able to apprentice when not running Atos with Judge Baude. Atos ran a very nice course this day and earned a 2nd Excellent classificaiton. He found and pointe two seperate couples that day.

     My forth and final day of trials sponsored by Club Epagneul Piacard was held in Camon, France. The grounds were impeccable and the weather was spectacular with a nice strong wind and overcast conditions. The partridge and the hare were plentiful. Atos had his best performance of the week under  M. Jean-Francois Maillet. He cast out strong head into the wind, and I was pleased with his intelligence, grace and style in the field. On his first point he slammed on at the transition of the covers and held as I ran and produced the birds. He continued his run and again went on the point. However, he did not couler properly and was eliminated, but I was very satisfied with his performance that day.

     Atos was able to run and compete very well on the grounds and with the dogs of his origins. I was able to visit with many friends of our breed including M. Georges who owns D'Jazz the champion of the Breed in France for 2015 and also the sire one of my females Harriett. Below is a photo of M. Georges with D'Jazz and myself.

Epagneul Breton