Hannahatchee Kennels


We spend time with our dogs when we hunt, go to the beach, work out, etc. Anytime we are with them we use that time as a training opportunity. When we exercise we take them too. When we go to the beach we work on deep water retrieving. We strive to work out with the dogs several times a week to keep them conditioned during the off season. I will go for a jog down some rough terrain to our pond and paddle around the pond and let them swim along with me. This provides great exercise for me and them and helps to cool them down during the hot months. Living in Georgia with a hot climate we also have all of our dogs snake broke to do as much as we can to protect them. We believe in introducing birds early in a safe nurturing environment for our puppies. We also believe in letting a puppy be a puppy and enjoy him or herself with positive reinforcement during their first year. We believe in exercise, exercise, exercise with a strong nutritional plan. Our dogs are placed in tough situations but only as they develop into them and are put into a position to succeed. These are working dogs and you can see the satisfaction in their expressions when they are given a challenge and succeed at it.

Harriett and Thor's litter playing with a quail

Eugene playing fetch at the beach in Florida

Force fetch work with Harriett

Thor hunting and working on backing Gypsy

A determined Ember working on deep water retrieve with a twist and a turn and more

Thor, Ember, Eugene and Eclipse doing their morning exercises

Eugene and Jackie getting ready for bracket at field trial in Iowa.

We snake break all of our dogs

Atos and Legende working on remote retrieving and honor

Epagneul Breton