Hannahatchee Kennels

Hunting Tales

We love to hunt. Its the reason we started all this. We hunt from Florida to Alaska and anywhere we can go inbetween. We breed our dogs to hunt all day with enthusiasm, passion and drive. Our dogs have great noses and conditioning to take us to the game. Living in GA we mainly hunt quail and woodcock. But we travel all over to hunt. Our dogs hunt prairie chickens, Sage Grouse, Sharptail Grouse, pheasant, ruffed grouse, hungarian partridge, ptarmigan. woodcock, and bobwhite quail. Also, we do a little duck and dove hunting using our dogs as retrievers. I even killed a spring gobbler in Georgia that one of my dogs pointed. I was not expecting it but did have my shotgun with me.

Lilly telling us about it

Epagneul Breton