Hannahatchee Kennels

Our Dogs are Great Family Pets

Most of our dogs go to families and live indoors. They socialize well and then turn it on when its time to go hunting.

Lilly telling us about it

The majority of our dogs go to families and stay in the home during the week and spend time with their families before going hunting on the weekends. Many of our dogs go on to participate in field trials, hunt tests, confirmation shows and/or other activities that their owners like to pursue.  They hunt game across the country from bob white quail in the pines of the southeastern United States, hungarian partridge, pheasants and sharptail grouse in the Dakotas and Montana, ptarmagin, rock grouse and ruffed grouse in Alaska, ruff grouse and woodcock in Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, and woodcock in Lousiana, North Carolina and South Carolina. Our dog owners hail all across the nation including Alaska, Arizona, Arkansa, Califormina, Florida, Georgia, Lousiania, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Navada, New York (Rochester, New York City), North Carolina, Washington State, etc.

Epagneul Breton